Mastering Muse Menus
A collection of articles to help you master using menus in Adobe Muse. Learn how to use the Adobe Muse built in menus and menu widgets created by

Articles in this collection:

  • Build a useful compact phone menu

    Learn the art of making menus that are both functional and user friendly for mobile devices in this tutorial.

  • Getting to grips with mobile menus

    With mobile devices on the path to outnumber laptop and desktop computers, learning how to create user-friendly mobile navigation is critical. This article gives many useful pointers regarding mobile navigation.

  • How to make a mega menu

    Mega menus are... well mega. They can open up a vast array of navigation options for your websites visitors. Learn how to build a mega menu with both written and video tutorials.

  • Moving menus into place

    This tutorial shows you how to move a navigation bar into place and lock it to the page top on scroll.

  • The Muse menu widget A to Z

    Take a deep dive into the Adobe Muse menu with this article and learn the finer points of this built in Muse widget.

  • Using Magic Menu Widget Pack

    Upgrade bonus. Add some sparkle and shine to the regular menu built into Adobe Muse with this tutorial. It's amazing the results you can achieve with a little know how.

  • Web page navigation basics.

    Take a look at some of the rules of thumb and standards that will help you create the best navigation for your Adobe Muse website.

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Featured Widgets for this Collection:

  • Add hover effects to your Adobe Muse menus.
  • Add this widget to mobile or tablet designed sites to alert visitors to the correct orientation.
  • Add your Adobe Slate articles to your website with our Adobe Slate widget.
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