"More than 'just' photographers."

Humble beginnings...

Having a love of pictures, old photos and classic cameras from childhood meant that I was destined to be a photographer.

Cecilia and I met at a mutual friends wedding shoot we both worked on, a year later we were celebrating our wedding.

Both of us love taking pictures. For us, our job is also our passion that makes the many hours spent perfecting each image not a chore but rather a real pleasure.

A bright future...

Once we started expanding our business, we knew we would need help. That help came in the shape of the very talented Martina, who brings a technical side to our business that we did not have before.

Now we have the very best of business acumen, artistic outlook and technical ability to complete any photography task whatever the occasion or location.

Our Photographers

Cecilia Wiseman

Graduating in fine arts gave me a choice of many avenues of direction however like John I find photography truly inspiring.

My objective is to tell the images story. Our edits add the unseen to the images we shoot.

They become more than a thousand words. They become art and art lasts forever.

John Wiseman

As a child, I always found the science of capturing a moment in time on a piece of paper as magical, I still do.

Now we can capture any moment of time on devices that fit in out pockets and transmit them anywhere in the world in seconds.

The art is not taking a good picture it is capturing a moment with all its emotion and meaning and producing an image that reflects that.

Martine Laws

I started out wanting to be an IT engineer and drifted into the world of photography. I soon discovered that I can have the best of both worlds. My technical skills applied to the pictures we shoot means I can be both an engineer and artist at the same time.

For me now I do not want to do anything else. I am happy to spend the rest of my life perfecting the art of still and motion photography.

"Shoot. Create. Impress."

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