Why you need this widget.

The Icona menu pack comes with an array of menus for different interface tasks. The kit includes desktop menus (including a mega menu), tablet and mobile menus. The design using strong icons and a stylish subtle gradient built with the fill tools directly in Muse.

The mobile and tablet menus include our "Pinit" widget for greater mobile device menu functionality.

Easy to update and work with the Icona menu is a great starting point for any navigation design.

Usage ideas...

  • Technology heavy sites.
  • Sites that need mega menus.
  • Clean mobile UI sites.

What you get in this package

  • The widget install file.
  • Any assets required to us this widget.

What is this suitable for?

Not suitable for fluid width/responsive sites. Fixed width sites only. Suitable for fluid width/responsive and fixed width sites.

Not all widgets are ideal for all device types. Why? Sometimes it is because of the size of the item or it could be the functionality needed. Here is what this widget works best with.

What device types this widget works with.

How to use this widget.

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Widget Change Log:

v1.008-Dec-2015 Icona Menu

Initial launch of this widget. 

Widget Feedback:

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