Why you need this widget.

Much like our custom video player CAP 2.0 is now fully responsive, has many easy to customize options, supports custom backgrounds and icons and multiple instances with auto pausing for players currently playing.

If you need a custom audio player, this is it.

Options include:

  • Fully responsive.
  • Use MP3 and OGG files.
  • Built-in file browser for adding your audio files.
  • Corner radius parameters.
  • NEW! Auto pausing of audio players when multiple instances are used.
  • Fully control colors, custom icons and more.

Usage ideas...

  • Playing your podcasts.
  • Showcasing your own music.

What you get in this package

  • The widget install file.
  • Any assets required to us this widget.

What is this suitable for?

Not suitable for fluid width/responsive sites. Fixed width sites only. Suitable for fluid width/responsive and fixed width sites.

Not all widgets are ideal for all device types. Why? Sometimes it is because of the size of the item or it could be the functionality needed. Here is what this widget works best with.

What device types this widget works with.

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Widget Change Log:

v1.0123-Jun-2015 Custom Audio Player

Custom Audio Player released

v2.029-Jul-2016 Updated fully responsive player.

This widget has been updated with more customisation capabilities, faster loading, the ability to have multiple instances that intereact with play and pause. cleaner design and fully responsive.

Widget Feedback:

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