Why you need this widget.

Have you ever seen those cool animated numbers that count up from zero to a higher number when they come into the viewport view?

This widget is for exactly that. You can add multiple numbers of any value to the page that will not animate until they are in the viewport

Use the Muse text tools to change the text to any font, size or color.

Live Preview

Usage ideas...

  • Skill percentage stats for a personal page.
  • Infographic numbers on a charity page.
  • Sales numbers on a sales page.

What you get in this package

  • The widget install file.
  • Any assets required to us this widget.

What is this suitable for?

Not suitable for fluid width/responsive sites. Fixed width sites only. Suitable for fluid width/responsive and fixed width sites.

Not all widgets are ideal for all device types. Why? Sometimes it is because of the size of the item or it could be the functionality needed. Here is what this widget works best with.

What device types this widget works with.

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Widget Change Log:

v1.004-Aug-2015 Count Up released

Initial release of the count up widget.

v1.104-Dec-2015 Countup Updated to 1.1

Hey there we just updated this widget to allow for bigger numbers. Get the update for FREE!

Widget Feedback:

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