Why you need this widget.

Adobe Slate allows you to put a unique twist on anything you want to communicate — a book report, weekly customer newsletter or your latest travel adventure.

Slate automatically adapts to any device, creating a delightful read on tablets, phones or computers. Then add your Adobe Slate creations to your Muse website with our easy to use widget.

More about Adobe Slate

Options include: 

  • Add your slate article
  • Add a cover text for the article thumbnail
  • Set you own thumbnail hover color
  • Change the opacity of the thumbnail hover 
  • Easily add Adobe Slate articles into you website.

Usage ideas...

  • Add immersive stories to your website.
  • Use slate as a method of creating case studies and add them to your Muse profile pages.

What you get in this package

  • The widget install file.
  • Any assets required to us this widget.

What is this suitable for?

Not suitable for fluid width/responsive sites. Fixed width sites only. Suitable for fluid width/responsive and fixed width sites.

Not all widgets are ideal for all device types. Why? Sometimes it is because of the size of the item or it could be the functionality needed. Here is what this widget works best with.

What device types this widget works with.

Add your Adobe Slate articles to your website with our Adobe Slate widget.

How to use this widget.

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Widget Change Log:

v1.102-Aug-2015 Added two new parameters.

Added two new parameters to adjust the icon scaling when making the Slate preview button larger or smaller.

v1.0106-Jul-2015 Adobe Slate

Initial release of Adobe Slate widget, June 2015.

v1.323-Dec-2015 Updated to new Adobe Slate URL

We have updated the widget to match the ability to support old and new Slate article URL's. We have also tightened up the aesthetics.

Widget Feedback:

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