What has 123Muse been upto?

Ok, so it's 2016 what have 123muse been doing? And what is on the horizon?

Those are the right questions to ask as you know 123muse is now one-year-old and has changed a lot since it first started. When we first started, we wanted to create a monthly magazine format for Muse users but quickly realised that users do not wish to wait a month but rather have assets and articles when they are ready.

We spent a great deal of time converting the older articles over to the new format at the same time developing a responsive site that was both sustainable and future proof.

New fronted development images.

In the meantime, we have tried to keep up with widget releases one of the most popular reasons for users to visit the site.

We had some amazing releases in 2016 such as LR Deck, which has been very popular along with our Route Maker App-in-a-widget and Cover Video widget.

We went to MAX and saw in person the next iteration of Muse with responsive capabilities, shared libraries and more.

We want to ensure that 2016 was our year. We have spent the past few months getting to grips with the new Muse in its pre-release state and working with it to understand how you can get the most out of it. We have also been busy building a new responsive frontend to the site that is powered by our Adobe Business Catalyst backend to allow us to release a steady flow of useful widgets, projects, articles and templates throughout 2016.

In recent months, we have also (as all designers do) updated our corporate id to a simpler appealing design with a distinctive new color.

123muse logo 2015 to 2016 

As designers and developers, you are aware of the time all of this takes at the same time as fielding support and maintaining the business.

So in just a few short days we will release the new 123muse frontend, our templates area (all included in your current 123muse subscription) and our new projects area.

We will be on track to start releasing regular content just as we did throughout 2015. So hold onto your hats and get ready for 123muse 2016.

Article Author: Chris Kellett

Chris is one of the worlds leading experts in Adobe Muse and skilled in all aspects of HTML, CSS and Javascript a graphic designer, animator and film producer.

A freelance web developer for 19 years with 150+ muse templates and over 100 muse widgets (and counting) for other Muse template providers under his belt.

Skills Highlight:

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