Welcome to 123Muse version 2.0

6 minutes to complete this task.
Welcome to 123Muse version 2.0 6 minutes to complete this task.

123Muse Version 2.0

First of all, thank you for your patience while we upgraded our site to better serve everyone. We are adding 2 free months to all subscribers.

We are excited to launch 123Muse.com version 2.0, same great articles, videos and content, all new experience.

The new site is separated into two easy to use sections:

LOOP articles, news, tutorials and everything Muse.

  • All our articles can now be found in one place, Loop.
  • Scroll through all articles on one page.
  • Search for a specific article or use our pre-defined filters to find articles in specific areas e.g. tutorials, news, widgets.
  • Content used in tutorial and widget articles is accessible directly from that article (you previously needed to go to a separated download page).
  • Latest articles are listed in sidebar for easy access.
  • Articles are color coded as widgets, tutorials and all other articles.

BUILD this is where you find our widgets, templates and content for purchase or download (if you are a subscriber).

  • View widgets and templates all on one page or search for one particular piece of content.
  • Use our filters to view widgets and content for a particular area e.g. animation, design, video, free.
  • Click on a widget to see a full description including a showcase video and tutorial videos.
  • Now subscribers can download all content in the Build page (previously the store page).
  • Not a subscriber, purchase and download content from the Build page.

So what can you expect from 123Muse in the next 6 months?

We are working on tons of great content. Widgets that will integrate more blogging systems with Muse, Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress and also extend our RSS widget.

LR Deck allows you to control your galleries and images without the need to open Muse. We are working to expand LR Deck to give you more control and options making image and gallery content management more manageable for you and your customers.

Pro Units. Custom widgets that use our runtime to give you amazing interactive elements in your site, from advanced animation and 3D to deep interactive web UI’s. Pro Units are advanced widgets that will make your sites stand out from the rest.

These will be shown off in new cutting edge Adobe Muse templates, and our templates come with everything you need to customize them to fit your project. PSD generator files that create all needed size images from one image, full video and written tutorials for editing and using the templates. All this inside templates that you know are going to be cutting edge and just what you and your customers are looking for.

So why not take advantage of our Version 2.0, two level launch sale. For the next 12 hrs only we are cutting our subscription cost by 34%. Reducing the price of a years subscription from $60.00 to $39.00.

Thats right, for the next 12hrs only you can get a full years subscription, so that gives you access to download all the content we currently have and will be creating for the next 12 months for a one time cost of $39.00.

Remember, this price is only valid for 12hrs.

Then for another 12hrs the price will go to $49, a 17% savings.

Welcome to 123Muse V. 2.0

Article Author: Chris Kellett

Chris is one of the worlds leading experts in Adobe Muse and skilled in all aspects of HTML, CSS and Javascript a graphic designer, animator and film producer.

A freelance web developer for 19 years with 150+ muse templates and over 100 muse widgets (and counting) for other Muse template providers under his belt.

Skills Highlight:

Adobe Muse

Coding & Development

Graphic Design & UI

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