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Another very capable player to use with your Muse videos.

Sublime Video Player is a service from Daily Motion, another superb video hosting service (see our article Top 5 video hosting services) the player can be used for more than just Daily Motion videos however.

Included in the downloads this month is a Sublime Player widget that makes using the service very easy. We suggest you take a good look at the service they provide as an alternative to YouTube.

The player itself is very capable and polished and compatible with all device types. However, the player is locked to domains, and so you will need an account to use it.

Step One:

Drag the Sublime Video widget onto the page canvas. Click on the widget options then on the "GO TO SUBLIME WEBSITE" link.

Step 1

Now open a free account to get started.

Step Two:

First you need to add a site that you want the player to work on.

Step 1

When the site has been added hover over the cog icon to see your "Token'. Either Copy or take a note of it as you will need this for the player.

Step 1

Click on the arrow icon next to the cog and then select "Players", you can then follow the on-screen process to create a new player.

Step 1

Once you have created a player, you can go back to Muse.

Step Three:

Open the widget settings in Muse and paste or enter the token ID collected earlier. The player ID relates to the players you have setup on Sublime. Default is set to 1. If you have three players then the ID's would be 1, 2 and 3.

Step 1

To test the player quickly, select the Remote URL from the source options. Preview the player.

If you are ready to use the player, you can either link to remote video URL's including Vimeo Pro videos or use the "Uploaded File" setting to upload your own.

The sublime player is just another option, but I feel it is one of the most polished looking and functioning players if you are placing professional feature content on your site.

Article Author: Chris Kellett

Chris is one of the worlds leading experts in Adobe Muse and skilled in all aspects of HTML, CSS and Javascript a graphic designer, animator and film producer.

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