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Add a clean customizable player to you Muse site with ease.

Flowplayer is a very capable player much like Sublime. The Flowplayer Drive service now offers a very favorable video hosting service for the price conscious.

We have included a Flowplayer widget with this month's downloads that has lots of customization options for you to play with and produce a look and feel that matches your sites design.

The basic premise of the styling of the widget comes from three base designs that can have color and opacity changes producing easy to use site matching designs.

Let's take a look.

Step One:

Drag the Flowplayer widget onto the page canvas. Flowplayer does not require any tokens or user ID's so we can go straight ahead and start styling the widget.

First go ahead and load up your files or leave the defaults if you just want to test the widget.

Step 1

Step Two:

The starter skins are "Minimalist", "Functional" and "Playful". Let's go with the functional.

Select the colors that match your design in the "Styles" options.

Step 1

Step Three:

There are a number of configuration options that allow you to control the features and appearance of the widget.

For demonstration purposes use these settings.

Step 1

Now preview the widget.

Flowplayer is much the same as Sublime and our CVP player. They all offer pretty much the same functionality so in the end the choice comes down to which offers the features you want and feel most comfortable with.

Article Author: Chris Kellett

Chris is one of the worlds leading experts in Adobe Muse and skilled in all aspects of HTML, CSS and Javascript a graphic designer, animator and film producer.

A freelance web developer for 19 years with 150+ muse templates and over 100 muse widgets (and counting) for other Muse template providers under his belt.

Skills Highlight:

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