Build a mobile site for a service company

Build an entire mobile site in 90 minutes step-by-step.

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What you will learn.

In this multi-part tutorial you will learn how to quickly create a mobile site for a service industry company. In this instance we are building for a fictitious plumbing firm. The principles and techniques learned can be applied to any mobile design.

You will learn how to quickly setup the master page and mobile navigation to creat a mobile site that feels more like a native app. Each page of the site has a single objective making the site easy to build and fast to download for end users.

The Homepage


This page uses a Google map with simple a simple overlay to show the area covered by the service.

Part 4

About us page


Compact pricing modules allow us to present some sample prices with an expanding information panel

Part 6

Contact us page


The site has a click to call action button.


The navigation menu hugs the bottom of the screen and slides up when touched.


The service coverage page.


Using simple font icon glyphs we create a compact about us page.

Part 5

The pricing page.


Using simple font icon glyphs we create a compact about us page.

Part 7

Ready to get started? Why not open the completed site located in the tutorials folder to orientate yourself with what we are going to build.

Part 1

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