8 minutes to complete this task.
Use the Develop module and start editing with this powerful image editing tool. 8 minutes to complete this task.

This tutorial introduces you to the Lightroom Develop module. You will learn how to edit pictures using Lightrooms powerful editing tools. You will also learn how to use presets to quickly give your images the look you want and how to create your own presets. Then we take you through both single and batch image exporting using one time and saved export settings. Let's get started.

Article Author: Dan Kellett

Dan comes to 123Muse with a background in fashion photography, videography and media creation.

He has worked with many media products as a museum interactive media designer and creative director of a large Miami based agency. Dan works to integrate media software into the Muse workflow.

Skills Highlight:

Photo & Video

Photoshop & Lightroom

Video & Audio

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