Installing Lightroom Presets

3 minutes to complete this task.
Presets expand the capabilities of Lightroom to fix and style images quickly and consistently. In this article we show you how to install them. 3 minutes to complete this task.

Adobe Lightroom is a world leading product for organizing, editing and exporting images to disk, print, slideshows, books and web galleries.

This tutorial will teach you how to install Lightroom presets in two ways. Either, installing the presets one at a time or installing an entire folder of presets. Let's get started.

Preview of the Lr Deck

You will need

  • Download this template by clicking the link below:
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Using the Module Picker, select the Develop Module.

Step 1


Open the Presets Panel and select a folder to add the new presets or right click/ctrl click to create a new folder. Then select import.

Step 2


Navigate to the folder holding the presets. Double click on the preset you want to add or select the preset and press enter. Step Four

Step 3

Your presets will now be available to you.

Step 4

Installing an entire folder of Lightroom presets.

If you have your copy of Lightroom open, you will need to close it. Navigate to the Lightroom presets folder. Below is the location of the folder on both PC and Mac.

For Mac Users:

Macintosh HD/Users/User Account/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop Presets/

Under Windows 7 they are located at:

[Local Disk (C:)] Users\(active user)\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets\


If you are using a Mac and you do not see the Library folder. While in HD/Users/User Account go the Menu/View/Show View Options or Cmd+j and check the box next to Show Library Folder.

Step 4


Navigate to the presets folder you want to add. Drag and drop the presets folder you want to add into the Develop Presets folder or copy and paste.

Once you restart Lightroom you will see your new presets.

Step 4

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