Getting to grips with mobile menus

10 minutes to complete this task.
With mobile devices on the path to outnumber laptop and desktop computers, learning how to create user-friendly mobile navigation is critical. This article gives many useful pointers regarding mobile navigation. 10 minutes to complete this task.

Getting to grips with mobile device menus.

If you watched Dan's first tutorial, then this is an essential folow on presentation. What to consider when design menus for mobile.

Find out why certain navigation patterns work especially well for mobile and tablet devices and what consideration you should take into account when designing for tablets and phones.

Many businesses looking to you to design their website will want to consider mobile versions if they are serious about their business. The more head knowledge you have, the better solution you can provide.

Watch the video presentation.

Article Author: Dan Kellett

Dan comes to 123Muse with a background in fashion photography, videography and media creation.

He has worked with many media products as a museum interactive media designer and creative director of a large Miami based agency. Dan works to integrate media software into the Muse workflow.

Skills Highlight:

Photo & Video

Photoshop & Lightroom

Video & Audio

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