Using our mobile work-flow

5 minutes to complete this task.
Learning a new design process may seem daunting but let me assure you right at the outset that Muse makes it very easy. 5 minutes to complete this task.

ll of your web and graphic design skills are fully transferable.

Try not to think of mobile sites as just cut down versions of the desktop site. See them as an opportunity to create a user experience that achieves specific goals for the website owner and visitor at the same time.

There is a whole host of excellent resources to help you think about mobile design we have some great references included at the end of this article but let's deal with some basics aimed at Muse.

Muse and mobile. What it is not.

Muse does not support responsive design. At present, it uses the alternate URL/design method with three distinct layout types, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Just because Muse uses the alternative URL method, however, does not mean it is somehow inferior to responsive websites with regards to Google mobile friendliness.

I find alternative URL/design refreshing as it allows you to create a unique experience for mobile users with a more native phone app feel.

With mobile, you have two orientations landscape and portrait.

Most of the time, you will probably target portrait as it is the most likely direction that the viewer will be looking at your site.

Site goals and objectives.

Deciding on what the goals of the mobile site, before you start doing any design work, will help immensely in producing a useful and effective mobile site.

Unlike a desktop site, the user also has access to immediate calling, texting and location services that can be utilised to make for a truly useful user experience.

That being said it may be hard to get started even after you have decided on the purpose and goals of the site.

Set clear goals and objective for each page/section of your mobile site.

Work-flow resources.

To assist you, we have created a set of resources that will get your designs kickstarted.

First we have the mobile site objective worksheet. Following the path on the sheet will help you focus on what the sites primary goals are.

Step 1 Download PDF

Next we have our single objectives pages document to assist in formulating simple design schemes for the main functionality of pages.

Step 1 Download PDF

Finally, we have our mobile site sketch print out. A simple mobile template for outlining your ideas quickly and assisting in developing your ideas (even in the digital age pencil and paper is still the fastest way to get your ideas documented).

Step 1 Download PDF

Now you have the tools to start planning your mobile site. Once you have your design how do you go about wire-framing the design or producing the production ready site?

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