Add YouTube and Vimeo playlists

5 minutes to complete this task.
Muse has excellent YouTube and Video widgets built in. 5 minutes to complete this task.

Get the widget here:

Click on the link below to get the widget.

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Please note a recent change to the Youtube API has stopped the YouTube playlist widget from working at present we are working on a new version.

Muse has an excellent YouTube and Vimeo widgets built in. But what if you want to add an entire playlist to a page? In this months downloads we have included two playlist widgets that do just that.

Its very easy to add Vimeo and YouTube playlists to your page.

You will need a Vimeo user URL that looks something like this

The Vimeo playlist widget or YouTube ID or YouTube Playlist ID that look something like this respectively;

Lets go ahead and add the Vimeo playlist first:

Step One:

Drag the Vimeo playlist widget onto the page canvas. Choose whether you want the videos to autoplay (in general you would not want autoplay on) along with the other display options. Next you will need to add your user URL.

Step 1

Step Two:

Now you have some control over the look of the playlist player. Select the widgth and height of the video player, the player highlight color and where you would like the list to be located, based on your page layout.

Your also have control over the playlist width and the thumbnail dimensions.

Step 1

Now you've added Vimeo playlists to your Muse sites.

Lets add a YouTube playlist to your site.

Step One:

Drag the YouTube Playlist widget onto the page canvas. Using the drag handles you can resize the widget to whatever size you want. The widget will interactively change its dimensions.

Set the playback options -- which includes autoplay -- showing controls even a full screen mode.

Step Two:

Enter the YouTube ID you want to use for the playlist videos such as the preselected id which is for the 123muse YouTube channel. If you wish to use a particular playlist from a user, check the "Use Playlists" option to make it active and enter the playlist ID you want to use.

Step 1

Step Three:

Now its just a case of choosing the colors you want to use and you are ready to go.

NOTE: If you use reEmbed you can use our reEmbed widget with this widget to apply your reEmbed setting to the playlist player.

For more information about on how to use the reEmbed widget click here >

Vimeo and YouTube Playlists in minutes.

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