Animated text

3 minutes to complete this task.
It is easy to animated text in Adobe Muse with scroll effects. 3 minutes to complete this task.

Using the lessons learned in the previous tutorials lets animate some text. Try to avoid huge amounts of text at once as this could affect the sites page performance.

Remember often less is more. Use text animation to draw the eye of the user to calls for action or important notices and headings.

You will need:

  • A blank Muse site
  • The assets for this tutorials (see below)
  • Take a look at the completed widget:
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Article Author: Chris Kellett

Chris is one of the worlds leading experts in Adobe Muse and skilled in all aspects of HTML, CSS and Javascript a graphic designer, animator and film producer.

A freelance web developer for 19 years with 150+ muse templates and over 100 muse widgets (and counting) for other Muse template providers under his belt.

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