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7 minutes to complete this task.
Every wanted to add a full ecommerce solution to an Adobe Muse site? Now you can with and in this article we show you how. 7 minutes to complete this task.

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We love Muse for the ease of design and the speed in which we can work but how do we add a simple yet powerful e-commerce store to a Muse site?

As part of one of my sessions at Adobe MAX this year I showcased a new 123muse widget to connect Muse to the awesome service.

We use Selz as our individual items sales provider for



Setting up a Selz store.

First off we need to open a Selz account. Selz is free but will need a small amount of investment to get the most out of it lets take a tour in this video.

Selz has a neat eco-system for third party providers to make add-ons for the service to enhance the features of Selz a bit like widgets for Muse.

This video will take you on a tour of the interface

Open your Selz Store

How to use the selz interface.

VIDEO: A tour of the interface

Why we use Selz ecommerce?

Good question. There are many providers out there, Shopify, Ecwid and so on so why Selz?

Well, when we first started selling widgets individually we needed something quick, simple, allowed for digital products and was also cost effective. hit all the requirements, so we went with it, and it has worked well ever since.

That has led us on to making a set of Selz widgets and now this tutorial.

See Selz in action

How to add a fully functional eccomerce store to your Muse site.

We have made it even easier to add a fully functioning ecommerce store to your Muse sites with ease with our widget pack. The widget pack includes: 

  1. A single item button widget. This lets you add a "Buy it now" type button to a site.  
  2. An item preview widget that shows the product image and contains the product description for a single item. 
  3. The embedable store widget that has categories a search and shows all the items. 

This incredible service has an almost magical embeddable e-commerce store. While it may not have as many customizable features as other services its simple, minimal styling will work with most sites. However, it's simplicity is its most powerful feature.


See how to use the Selz widgets.

VIDEO: How to add widgets to your site.

Get the widgets

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